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Heat Pump Maintenance, Repair & Replacement in York, PA

Servicing Heat Pumps, Standard Split, & Mini-Split Systems in Lancaster County & York County

There were once only a few methods for providing cooling and heating your property. During the winter, you could burn wood or coal, which was extremely inefficient since these fuel sources depleted rapidly. They also produced terrible smells and poor indoor air quality. As for cooling, you had to rely on crowding around a single, ineffective fan that rotated from side to side! 

Thankfully, modern technology has greatly changed the way that individuals and families in Lancaster, Dauphin, and surrounding areas control the temperature in their businesses and homes. For example, with our innovative heat pumps in York, PA, you can benefit from just having a single unit to provide superior heating and cooling, all depending on the season.

Trust our experienced technicians at Advance HAWS to help with any form of repair, maintenance, or installation involving:

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Are Heat Pumps Worth it in Pennsylvania?

Heat pumps are worth it Pennsylvania. More people than ever in Pennsylvania are seeking ways to cut down their costs in heating and cooling. Investing in a heat pump is one of the best methods of dramatically reducing the expenses you have to pay every month. This is partly because heat pumps are simply much cheaper to run, in contrast to classic combustion-based HVAC units. 

Even though it is initially a hefty expense to have a heat pump installation, it is so efficient in the way that it conserves energy, that you will soon find that you have completely made up for the initial set-up. To learn more about the multiple advantages of our heat pumps in York, PA, just speak to our team.

Give us a call now at (717) 775-7404 or contact us online, and you can enjoy a complimentary estimate for heat pumps, standard split, and mini-split systems in York, PA.

Seeking Professional Care for Any Issues in Your Standard or Mini Split Systems

Heat pumps are not the only options that you could select for your house or business in Pennsylvania. Standard splits and mini splits are two other extremely popular forms of heating your house, which can keep your property superbly warm in the winter. But what are you supposed to do if your system does not seem to be operating quite as well as it normally does? 

Can You DIY Heat Pump Installation?

The important thing to remember is that it is never a good idea to attempt to resolve the situation on your own. In many cases, symptoms might look similar from the outside – the occurrence of short cycling, smells of burning metal, or cold air blowing through instead of hot air. Nevertheless, the components within your system are quite complicated, and there is no way of knowing exactly what is wrong without years of training. To ensure that you don’t make matters worse, immediately reach out to our techs at Advance HAWS.

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